Odin’s Child by Siri Pettersen

Odin’s Child by Siri Pettersen Photo Credit: W1-Media

On this week’s episode of First Five Chapters, Luke Kerr is joined by his writing partner and long-time friend Craig Peters, to dive into the world of Siri Pettersen’s Odin’s Child.

The fates of an outsider, the ultimate insider and a tyrant are inextricably linked as every day brings them that much closer to the Rite-and perhaps the end of Ym itself. Will Hirka discover who she really is? Will Rime follow his destiny to rule? What will the cost be of Urd’s pact with the devil? 

These are the questions explored in this Odin’s Child book review.

Only you can decide whether to read beyond the First Five Chapters!

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Odin’s Child by Siri Pettersen Official Summary

Fifteen winters old, Hirka learns that she is an Odin’s child – a tailless rot from another world. Despised. Dreaded. And hunted. She no longer knows who she is, and someone wants to kill her to keep it a secret. But there are worse things than humans, and Hirka is not the only creature to have broken through the gates…

Odin’s Child is unique fantasy with Norse roots. An epic clash of xenophobia, blind faith and the right or will to lead.