Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho

Photo Credit: Disney Press

On this week’s First Five Chapters Luke Kerr is joined by his longtime friend and former Daytime Confidential co-host Regan Cellura to dive into Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho.

Elena Soo isn’t looking forward to prom. It’s a financial waste and she’d rather focus on saving the community center she loves. That is, until her childhood friend-turned K-pop star–Robbie Choi shows up at her front door to keep his promise to take her to prom. Now she must deal with how he’s changed, her feelings and the avalanche of press and fans that comes with him.

Only you can decide whether to read beyond the First Five Chapters!

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Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho Summary

Elena Soo has always felt overshadowed. Whether by her more successful older sisters, her more popular twin brother, or her more outgoing best friend, everyone except Elena seems to know exactly who they are and what they want. But she is certain about one thing – she has no interest in going to prom. While the rest of the school is giddy over corsages and dresses, Elena would rather spend her time working to save the local community center, the one place that’s always made her feel like she belonged.

So when international K-pop superstar Robbie Choi shows up at her house to ask her to prom, Elena is more confused than ever. Because the one person who always accepted Elena as she is? Her childhood best friend, Robbie Choi. And the one thing she maybe, possibly, secretly wants more than anything? For the two of them to keep the promise they made each other as kids: to go to prom together. But that was seven years ago, and with this new K-pop persona, pink hair, and stylish clothes, Robbie is nothing like the sweet, goofy boy she remembers. The boy she shared all her secrets with. The boy she used to love.

Besides, prom with a guy who comes with hordes of screaming fans, online haters, and relentless paparazzi is the last thing Elena wants – even if she can’t stop thinking about Robbie’s smile…right?