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Join me on an adventure of discovery...

Hello, I am Luke Kerr,

I have loved podcasts since Apple added them to iTunes in 2005. Those early shows inspired me to create my own podcast, Daytime Confidential, in 2006. DC was the first podcast to cover all of daytime TV. It has experienced numerous milestones, including: being use as a Jeopardy clue, quoted in Hollywood trades, off-the-cuff quips used on One Life to Live and DC celebrated its 1000th episode in 2021! Thanks to my podcasts, I have interviewed everyone from Jackie Collins to TV actors, producers and head writers.  

About the time I discovered podcasts, I discovered the YA book section of Barnes & Noble and was hooked. Today, as a writer and aspiring author of my own YA urban fantasy, writing-focused podcasts like The Shit No One Tells You About WritingManuscript Academy, Write or Die, Create if Writing and others have become must-listen additions to my playlists. Which leads me to the creation of First Five Chapters .

Have you ever found a book whose title just made you grin, read the inside  cover flap description and knew instantly you need to buy it? It happened to me when visiting Flagstaff and stumbling upon Bright Side Bookshop! Creating First Five Chapters was inspired by countless hours of podcasts and podcasting, and a book I discovered at a Flagstaff bookstore. However, that’s a story for episode one.

Join me as I bring together my loves for podcasts, books,  writing aspirations and what I learn from the pages of published authors!

It will be an adventure of discovery, with laughs along the way!